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The Road to LaReta: A Novel based on a True Story

new-book-graphic2For fans of Orphan Train, Water for Elephants, and The Boys in the Boat comes a novel about the redemptive power of a second chance. Set in the hardscrabble Dakotas during the depths of the Depression, one man's life is changed forever because of a three-year-old girl.

In 1939, a Cat Skinner drives an old beat up Chevy from Nebraska to North Dakota. The trip takes three days and covers 900 miles. Webb Bateman is the Cat Skinner, a heavy equipment operator, whose story is not about the earth he moves, but about his journey to attempt redemption. As a young man, in the 1920's and early 30's, Webb is honed behind a pool cue stick, at the end of a fist, behind a plow, in a traveling circus, and in the belly of a coal mine. He marries in 1935 because he believes it's the right thing to do when Dorothy, a rural school teacher who loves to dance and who loves Webb, gets pregnant.

A thirst for poker, booze and a nomadic lifestyle keeps Webb on the move and away from his wife and child, LaReta, until the day a telegram arrives in Nebraska. Dorothy is dead and her funeral is in three days. The journey to Dorothy’s funeral gives Webb time to reflect on his 27 years of life. It's too much time and not enough time to grapple with the man he is and the man he wants to be.



One Sentence Stories

Bonnie King is one of 43 contributing authors to One Sentence Stories, An Anthology of Stories Told in a Single Sentence. This is the book that throws out all the rules and allows authors to experiment with word doodling. Author/Educator Val Dumond wrote the following about her compilation of stories to demonstrate how much can be said in a single sentence:

“Have you ever been tempted to write out your thoughts, a story, or a business report in one sentence—one very l-o-n-g sentence—to either tease the boss, empty your brain, rid yourself of the jitters caused by writer’s block, the way of the world, your family feud, or an upcoming interview, and forgetting to complete a sentence, just letting your pen or computer run on and on (“OMG,” yells Teacher, “a run-on sentence!”) and forget Teacher and that irritating voice of condemnation, and writing your story, report, or thoughts the way they run through your head, placing word after word on paper or computer screen as you begin to notice how your body is relaxing, your brain has been stimulated, and you are having F-U-N, realizing the writer’s block has been broken up, the world is continuing on its merry/sad way without your help, your family is going to be your family all your life so get used to their weird ways, and that interview will be a challenge for you to shine and let your words and easy-going manner (brought about by producing a one-sentence piece of writing and knowing all is well and you feel good? That’s what this book is about, 77 stories written by 43 writers from around the world about all kinds of subjects, of varying lengths and writing styles. You’ll laugh, cry, wiggle, want to throw something, or want to embrace someone… but you’ll have read some amazing stories.”

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