The Road to Writing and Other Destinies

Bonnie King Author

Finding My Father’s Voice

By BKA2016 | November 6, 2015

Finding my father’s voice took help from friends. I’ve been part of Wordsmiths, a small writer’s group in Puyallup, for about 18 months and I may not have found Webster Warren Bateman’s voice without them. Dad died in 1997 at age 86. I knew my dad as a jovial fellow, who liked to play pranks, […]

Bonnie King Author

It’s Fiction but Check the Facts

By BKA2016 | November 4, 2015

“It’s fiction, for God’s sake, Bonnie! If you want it to snow, let it snow.” It may be a mistake to tell friends and family what I’m doing – attempting to write something people will read and enjoy – but I do anyway. Perhaps it’s a way of holding myself accountable. If you tell enough […]

Bonnie King Author

Hunkerin’ Down

By BKA2016 | November 2, 2015

Fair to middlin’. Cat skinner. Shenanigans. Fracus. Charivaree. Yoohoo girls. Blind pig. Crazy as a shit house rat. I’ve been living in the ‘20’s and ‘30’s the past year. Words and phrases like these continue to crawl from the crevices of memory or leap out at me from historical novels. In my attempt to write […]