The Road to Writing and Other Destinies

Distance Resolutions 2019

By B K | December 23, 2018

I awoke this morning to the word “distance” playing games in my foggy brain. As usual, Riley was curled beside me making it difficult to move. I love this cat who gives me excuses to stay in a warm bed. The distance between us has decreased in the last year and a half. Seems Riley’s […]


By B K | December 13, 2018

On occasion, I treat myself to a nice dinner out. (This doesn’t include my kid’s meals from Wendy’s drive-thru. My grandchildren have the toy-proof). Yes, I go by myself and that’s okay; I love watching people and it’s nice to think that instead of a box meal from my freezer, I’m getting something fresh—from a […]

Crazy; Not Stupid

By B K | July 10, 2018

“I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid,” I responded when questioned about my recent entrepreneurial idea. The questioner chuckled. “There IS a fine line you know.” To make sure of my response, should I choose to use it in the future, I looked up the words “crazy” and “stupid.” Crazy has two meanings: mentally […]

Bear Claw

By B K | July 8, 2018

“Mom, I woke up this morning and knew I had to buy you a bear claw,” Kendall told me over the phone a couple weeks ago, the evening of June 30th. June 30th, one year ago, was the day Scott suffered a massive heart attack and died three times. Each time the paramedics and the hospital […]

Trip to North Dakota: What I Learned

By B K | June 19, 2018

Roads: What I Learned How to use cruise control You get better gas mileage at 60 than you do at 80 mph. I didn’t get very good gas mileage. When my GPS indicated “Traffic Jam Ahead,” I could expect up to three cars. Speaking of cars. When you see a train traveling with oil tankers […]