The Road to Writing and Other Destinies

Crazy; Not Stupid

By B K | July 10, 2018

“I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid,” I responded when questioned about my recent entrepreneurial idea. The questioner chuckled. “There IS a fine line you know.” To make sure of my response, should I choose to use it in the future, I looked up the words “crazy” and “stupid.” Crazy has two meanings: mentally […]

Bear Claw

By B K | July 8, 2018

“Mom, I woke up this morning and knew I had to buy you a bear claw,” Kendall told me over the phone a couple weeks ago, the evening of June 30th. June 30th, one year ago, was the day Scott suffered a massive heart attack and died three times. Each time the paramedics and the hospital […]

Trip to North Dakota: What I Learned

By B K | June 19, 2018

Roads: What I Learned How to use cruise control You get better gas mileage at 60 than you do at 80 mph. I didn’t get very good gas mileage. When my GPS indicated “Traffic Jam Ahead,” I could expect up to three cars. Speaking of cars. When you see a train traveling with oil tankers […]

Sunflower Inn

By B K | April 2, 2018

I am more than excited to visit Almont, North Dakota (population 135) and stay at the Sunflower Inn on the 30th and 31st of May, 2018. The Sunflower Inn, built in 1906, became the Merchants’ Hotel in the 1920’s when it was operated by my grandmother, Tomine Teodine (Dena) Ramsland Bateman. Yes, she was Norwegian. […]


By B K | March 19, 2018

I’ve lived with my face for over 70 years, almost 73 to be exact. Not the exact same face, if you consider the chicken pox marks as a child, acne as a teen ager and again as a young adult, sun burns from using baby oil to “bake” next to a lagoon along with all […]